StartUpRoots wants to bring salad bar growth stations to disadvantaged schools in Israel

HaYoreh’s incubee StartUpRoots is now working with Local Grown Salads, an agriculture and technology company that grows and packs green salads using its own self-contained farming units and integrated packing rooms, and Irving Backman, internationally renowned benefactor of sustainability and advanced technology initiatives and leader of the DATT Group (Developers of Advanced Technology Today), to see if it can improve the hydroponic systems currently available in Israel and begin installing salad bar growth stations in disadvantaged schools. 

Schools interested in installing the salad bar growth stations will have to teach StartUpRoots science, culinary arts & nutrition, and entrepreneurship curricula developed by its experts and the schools' teachers, as a requirement to receiving the system. This will allow students to learn to respect nature, recognize the benefits of healthy eating, and get to grips with basic business concepts through the miracle of food production from seed to compost.

For more information on StartUpRoots, please visit their website