HaYoreh’s Next Mission: to Provide its Incubees with Office Space

HaYoreh: First Rains, the largest accelerator for nascent NGOs, charities and philanthropies in Israel and the Jewish World, has undertaken a mission to provide its 23 incubees with office space. Additionally, it has a waiting list of 20 other NGOs and charities. 

HaYoreh: First Rains is currently in negotiation with two Israeli banks to rent their unused office space at a discounted rate. This will serve as the Cottrell Center for Social Initiatives.

“We are proud to confirm that thanks to the administrative, marketing and communications support provided by HaYoreh: First Rains, our incubees benefit from reduced NGO running costs. Statistics show that, on average, a nascent NGO can save 42% of its expenditures by collaborating with HaYoreh. The next step is to provide these charities and NGOs with expanded office space, which will permit the newly dedicated Cottrell Center to incubate up to 40 charities and NGOs. In order to make this happen, we need to raise a substantial amount of money, so HaYoreh: First Rains and its incubees would be truly grateful for donations”, says attorney Susan Freiman from the Robin Hood Israel Foundation’s Board of Directors.

If you would like to contribute to this meaningful cause and provide nascents NGOs with the much needed office space, please explore your donation options here.