RHIF Helps Bring a Sweeter New Year to Needy Israeli Families

On September 24, Robin Hood Israel Foundation participated in the annual Rosh Hashanah food drive in Netanya.

This charitable event is initiated by the Ladies Circle Netanya in cooperation with the NGO “Mazal Ve Bracha”. It has attracted dozens of volunteers, including students from the Yonatan Netanyahu high school, Beitar Nes Tubruk youth soccer club and Israeli scouts.

The Netanya food drive is scheduled to last four consecutive evenings. It will provide food baskets and gift vouchers worth 300 NIS to over a thousand needy families.

"The only way we can succeed in what we do is with the help of donors, such as Robin Hood Israel Foundation", says Natalie Feder from the Ladies Circle Netanya, which also runs community programs for kids of different ages, soldiers, Holocaust survivors, and is currently working on opening a women’s shelter.

"The economic situation is difficult, and many families need help before the holidays. The Robin Hood Foundation helps us get more and better packages", says Moti Ratsabi from NGO “Mazal Ve Bracha”.

Robin Hood Israel Foundation, which has also contributed to High Holy Days food drives in Hadera, Jaffa, Raanana and Beer Sheva, is wishing everyone a shana tova!