Our Services

HaYoreh not only acts as a capital provider, providing access to investment and using its own platforms to raise funds from private donors, but is also a fully engaged partner providing advice, management assistance, and a range of other non-cash resources that produce more effective ways to address social problems.

 HaYoreh currently offers the following services to all its incubees:

 1.     Admin and Management Support            

HaYoreh advises charities and NGOs on all regulatory, financial, and management issues: from selecting the right legal structure to opening a bank account, registering for taxes, and selecting the appropriate IT system.

2. Access to the US/Canadian/UK Donor Pool

As a registered charity, HaYoreh also provides nonprofits with an existing 501(c)(3) nonprofit vehicle (US Internal Revenue Code) which allows organizations to enjoy the following benefits:

  • The ability for non-US charities to legally secure donations in the US, Canada and the UK (through a 'British Friends Of' organization) with the option of tax exemption for donors.
  • Significant cost savings by negating the need to secure an individual 501(c)(3) status.
  • The ability to apply for grants and other public or private allocations available to 501(c)(3) organizations.
  • The public legitimacy of IRS recognition.                                                               

3.     Access to Investment

Access to finance is often the biggest barrier facing new nonprofits. Without a track record, it can be an uphill struggle to persuade donors and investors to put money into a new project as 92% of all funding is cut off for charities that are running less than 5 years and are generating less than $2 million. HaYoreh’s cutting edge financial solutions address this issue by utilizing a full investment-banking platform to issue bonds and create low-interest loan structures that are both socially motivated and commercially viable.

4.     Marketing and Communications Support

Nonprofits often operate without the discipline of the bottom line though they do compete for contributions. As a result, they lack strong incentives to measure and publicize their performance. HaYoreh not only encourages them to do so but also brings outside and inside expertise to help incubees identify and address other weaknesses in marketing and communications.