Alzheimer’s Early Detection and Prevention utilizes advancements in tests for the disease to aid early detection and prevention and ensures that tried and tested medication is accessible to patients.


The devastating effect of Alzheimer’s disease on the Israeli population is undeniable. Worryingly, Alzheimer’s is on the rise; there has been a dramatic 90% increase in deaths from dementia in both sexes, as well as a dramatic rise in mortality due to Alzheimer’s disease – 69% in women and 49% (according to Ministry of Health Report on Leading Cause of Death between 2000 and 2011).

Alzheimer’s is treatable if caught early; however, Israel has no early Alzheimer’s detection program, only an Alzheimer’s aid group for families already dealing with a loved one with full Alzheimer’s. Ironically, the early detection drugs and tests are Israeli in origin, but are not presently included in Israel’s health basket. The Alzheimer’s Early Detection and Prevention program, run by the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University, lobbies the Ministry of Health to change this and works on short-term solutions by creating an early detection advocacy with the Ministry of Health and funding a project to prove the value of large-scale detention of Alzheimer’s in Israel.