The Tel Aviv facility of HaYoreh has been renamed the Cottrell Center

The Tel Aviv Facility of HaYoreh: First Rains accelerator for nascent NGOs and charities has been rededicated as the Cottrell Center for Social Initiatives, in memory of Sarah Cottrell whose vision and effort brought the facility to fruition.

Sarah Cottrell (nee Nancy Greenwald) passed away on October 22nd after a brave battle with cancer. A Palo Alto, California native, Sarah spent her primary career in London and California developing what has become Xerox’s corporate venture capital arm. She applied that expertise to philanthropic finance, co-authoring the seminal plans at Harvard Kennedy School that became HaYoreh: First Rains, the first incubator/accelerator for nascent charities and NGOs in Israel. She is survived by her son, Aaron, and more than 25 new charities, social causes, and NGOs that could never have existed without her vision and stubborn determination. Her life defined the expression “doing well while doing good”. The HaYoreh: First Rains incubator in Tel Aviv will be rededicated as a Cottrell Center in her memory and honor.”

Barnard College Magazine, June 2019.