Start-Up Roots brings hydroponic farming to Israeli schools.


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Combining Jewish values with ingenious Israeli technology, Start-Up Roots brings hydroponic farming to schools in and beyond Israel, giving students the opportunity to feel empowered, learn to respect nature, recognize the benefits of healthy eating, and grasp basic business concepts through the miracle of food production from seed to compost.


StartUpRoots facilities can be placed in middle schools and high schools as well as youth villages and other learning institutions.  A working hydroponic farm can be established in as little as 100 sq. meters.  An actual yield can take as little as six weeks, giving the students an opportunity to learn with each new cycle.  A working facility can become self-sustaining within a year.





By implementing Hydroponic systems in schools, children, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds, are empowered to share their knowledge which instills confidence and creativity. By developing produce that can be sold, children also learn basic business concepts. 



Through Start-Up Roots' comprehensive curriculum, students develop a greater understanding of healthy eating. The hope is that the children bring their knowledge and vegetables that they’ve nurtured home and share with their families the importance of a healthy diet and respecting nature. 



Start-Up Roots helps advance the observance of the sabbath year of the seven-year agricultural cycle mandated by the Torah for the Land of Israel (Shmita), and to increase the value of the products that will be available during the Shmita year.