Israel Homeless Association Passover Campaign: A Huge Success!

We are happy to report that thanks to the generous donations of friends and supporters from around the world the Passover campaign by our incubee the Israel Homeless Association, was a great success.
In total, 2123 families received a parcel full of kosher groceries:

  • 500 in Beer Sheva
  • 1123 in Southern Tel Aviv
  • 500 in Hadera 

The parcels were delivered to working families in need through IHA’s wide distribution network and in collaboration with Yad Eliezer, the Ministry of Social Services in Beer Sheva, Du Kiyum (Two Cultures) and Latet.
Many thanks to all donors for giving needy families in Israel a joyous Passover!

Israel Homeless Association Passover Appeal

PLEASE consider a Passover Contribution to our incubee the Israel Homeless Association (IHA).

IHA has over 2500 working families earning less than the government's own stated minimum required monthly income. Passover becomes a particularly frightening time for them, as they cannot begin to afford a festival meal without begging at multiple locations.

We cannot comprehend the humiliation these hard working people face. Let's try to minimize it as much as possible as we enjoy our families and seder feasts.

We can't meet the demand, but we can come as close as resources permit. You can help by donating to our ma’os chitin campaign.

100% of the money you donate will go directly towards helping working families manage the expensive holiday season. Through IHA's wide distribution network, we will provide families with a parcel full of kosher groceries, matzos and wine for the sedarim.

Please donate now to fulfill the special mitzvah of ma’os chitin (donations to purchase matzos for the poor).

Our donation page will walk you through all online or personal check donation alternatives. All donations qualify for IRS tax deduction. When making a donation, please specify you are donating to the Passover Campaign.

Thank you and best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous Passover!

Expected legislative changes to Israel's nonprofit sector in 2017

The Knesset is expected to pass significant third-sector legislation this year.

Most significantly, the Knesset is expected to promote a new Law to Promote Specified Nonprofit Activities (NPO law). This law will consist of a comprehensive regulatory framework to impose increased transparency on NGOs (associations/NPOs and public-benefit companies) regarding their activities, especially when the majority of funding is from donations from ‘Foreign Political Entities’. NGOs will have to provide detailed information regarding their corporate governance, relation to their funding sources, its scope of activities, and mode of operation. The law will also prescribe supervisory and enforcement arrangements customized for the different types of NGOs.

Furthermore, the Frisch Committee report and its recommendations concerning making amendments to the tax benefit clause (section 46) of the Income Tax Law are expected to be included in the new legislation. The Israeli Tax Authority is also expected to recommend certain technical-procedural aspects for ascertaining eligibility for the tax benefit clause.

To find out what these legislative changes mean for your nonprofit, please contact us.

HaYoreh listed on 972VC

HaYoreh has been included in 972VC's guide to the Israeli Startup Funding EcoSystem. 972VC is the go-to place for Israeli entrepreneurs and startups to seek out accelerators, incubators, private equity, venture capital and angel investor groups as well as crowdfunding platforms, coworking spaces, venture debts, startup communities and more. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.52.49.png

StartUpRoots wants to bring salad bar growth stations to disadvantaged schools in Israel

HaYoreh’s incubee StartUpRoots is now working with Local Grown Salads, an agriculture and technology company that grows and packs green salads using its own self-contained farming units and integrated packing rooms, and Irving Backman, internationally renowned benefactor of sustainability and advanced technology initiatives and leader of the DATT Group (Developers of Advanced Technology Today), to see if it can improve the hydroponic systems currently available in Israel and begin installing salad bar growth stations in disadvantaged schools. 

Schools interested in installing the salad bar growth stations will have to teach StartUpRoots science, culinary arts & nutrition, and entrepreneurship curricula developed by its experts and the schools' teachers, as a requirement to receiving the system. This will allow students to learn to respect nature, recognize the benefits of healthy eating, and get to grips with basic business concepts through the miracle of food production from seed to compost.

For more information on StartUpRoots, please visit their website